Interactive tailormade online learning

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We are an international not-for-profit organization and the first online school in Belgium with almost 10 years of experience in online teaching. We are a bridge organization between Belgium and the world and aim for smooth internationalization and reintegration. Our online school strengthens traditional education. We offer online learning that is as fast, flexible, international and multicultural as the world we live in, completely tailored-made.

“As an astronaut I have experienced how distance is not an obstacle to convey wonder and creativity to children. That is why the d-teach initiative is so important, and more than ever in times of crisis. ”
- Frank De Winne, ESA Astronaut
“Digital skills are an absolute must for every citizen. The Digital language has become the language and d-teach is a pioneer in this area. ”
- Saskia Van Uffelen, Digital Champion of Belgium
``Digitization of our education requires not only hardware, sufficiently powerful internet connections and Wi-Fi networks, but also the skills of teachers to make optimal use of them.``
- Dirk Van Damme, Education expert OECD


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