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Our mission

We help students to effortlessly step into a globalizing, multicultural world that is continuously evolving. D-Teach’s online learning provides a firm home base within this fast changing world. Our starting point is always the student, his or her personality, environment and culture.

We guide students from Dutch to mathematics, from knowledge to competence, from being taught to independent learning to ensure (re)integration as smoothly as possible.

Interaction is the key word. Supported by virtual technology we bridge distances between Belgium and the world and we make sure that both teachers and students feel at home with one another.

Our vision

D-teach wants to prepare young people for the world of tomorrow. We not only provide them with course material, but we teach them to learn and to love learning. Totally in line with the ‘21st Century Skills’, we not only focus on knowledge of the course material, but also on knowledge of oneself and the world. We teach our students how to plan, to take commitment, to think critically, to embrace new technologies, to be entrepreneurial and to be confident in life.

It has already been scientifically proven that online learning helps students to prepare for lifelong learning. Therefore, we like joining research and innovation projects with Flemish and international enterprises, education and research partners, to further explore online learning and optimise the learning experience.

Our working method

  • Get to know our operations, our teachers and the technology of the virtual classroom free of charge and without obligation.

  • 2. Online lessons

    Take lessons in our virtual class with your personal teacher, who guides you with a tailor-made track.

  • 3. Online exercises

    Independently process the subject matter with online learning material.

  • 4. Feedback

    Receive some explanation after each lesson about the subject matter and work attitude in the lesson. Communicate directly with the teacher and if necessary with coordinators for personalised advice.

Our teachers

Meet our multidisciplinary team of pedagogues, teachers, language coaches, speech therapists and subject matter experts, who each received a specific D-Teach training to become an online teacher.

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