About us

How it started

The origin of d-teach online school in 2012 was the initiative of founders Lieselot Declercq and Annabel Declercq as student entrepreneurs pedagogical sciences at Ghent University. In 2020 our online school has grown into an ivzw, an international non-profit organization with co-founder Koen Verlaeckt on board. We are the first online school in Belgium, providing distance learning worldwide to an international audience in more than 50 countries. With a team of online pedagogues, teachers and speech therapists, d-teach online school has been teaching children, young people and adults online for more than 10 years, at home and abroad.

Our Vision

We developed a unique pedagogical d-teach framework for online teaching and online learning in collaboration with Griffith University in Australia and Vlaio. Our online school aims to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow. We not only give them material, but we mainly teach them to learn for life. Completely in line with the ’21st Century Skills’, we not only pay attention to knowledge of the subject matter, but also to knowledge of oneself and the world. We teach our students to plan, to take engagement, to think critically, to embrace new technologies, to be entrepreneurial and to be confident in life.

We conduct scientific research in order to guarantee our quality. Online learning, it has since been scientifically proven, helps students better prepare for lifelong learning. We are therefore happy to participate in research and innovation projects, together with Flemish and international companies, education and research partners.

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Our working method

  • Get to know our operations, our teachers and the technology of the virtual classroom free of charge and without obligation.

  • 2. Online lessons

    Take lessons in our virtual class with your personal teacher, who guides you with a tailor-made track.

  • 3. Online exercises

    Independently process the subject matter with online learning material.

  • 4. Feedback

    Receive some explanation after each lesson about the subject matter and work attitude in the lesson. Communicate directly with the teacher and if necessary with coordinators for personalised advice.

Our teachers

Meet our multidisciplinary team of pedagogues, teachers, language coaches, speech therapists and subject matter experts, who each received a specific D-Teach training to become an online teacher.

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