D-Teach as guest at VRT Sandbox

Since the start of the corona crisis in Belgium, D-Teach has been training Belgian teachers to make the digital transformation. We have established a community of teachers to support each other. In the meantime, we have given over 50 webinars to inspire and train nearly 5,000 teachers. Read more about this on the blog.

Despite the great involvement of our Belgian teachers and the rapid transition to online education, at this stage it is too soon to speak of truly qualitative distance learning. Everyone is doing their best, considering this is emergency online education. Read our opinion piece.

How exactly qualitative distance learning is organized, and what the core messages of online didactics are, can be seen here in the interview with D-Teach by VRT Sandbox . Review the interview with D-Teach (Dutch).

Thank you to Tim Van Lier for clearly displaying our message!


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