D-Teach keynote Edhub

D-Teach was invited as guest speaker for the opening of the Howest EdHub room and the presentation of the EdHub method. The Edhub is an initiative of the course ‘Educational Bachelor in Secondary Education’ at the Howest. Info can be found on the website.

The story of D-Teach fits nicely with the story of educational innovation from an educational practice oriented question, which is also the purpose of the Edhub. D-Teach’s mission is to help students enter a globalizing and multicultural world as smoothly as possible in order to make (re)integration as smooth as possible. Interaction is the key word. Supported by virtual technology, we bridge physical distances between Belgium and the world and ensure that teachers and students are at home together.

It is important to adapt our education to a changing world. It is our task to make future teachers aware of this and in turn to have them prepare young people for future jobs.

Did you know that:

  • Only 20% of teachers feel comfortable using technology in the classroom?
  • 77% of jobs need digital skills next decade?

Technology won’t replace teachers…
but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who don’t.

We need to think about what our young people need in the world and adapt our educational offer and pedagogical functioning accordingly. For example, young people in the USA are encouraged by the government to take at least one online course before finishing secondary education. The government motivates this because research has shown that online learning contributes to lifelong learning.

If we teach today’s students
as we taught yesterday’s,
we rob them of tomorrow

– John Dewey

D-Teach would like to thank the Edhub for this opportunity and wishes you good luck!


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