First online lesson series “learn to touch type” was a success!

Being able to touch type is increasingly considered an advantage now that more and more children are given online tasks every day. Our students in this series took advantage of their extra free time during the corona crisis to participate in our online series “learn to touch type”.

“S. liked it very much with you as a teacher! Thanks for bringing a little educational distraction in this strange period! “

For the duration of one month the students and the teacher met online twice a week to discover the keys of the azerty keyboard. They learned the positions of the letters through rhymes and colors. Each lesson they played games such as “Who am I?”, “Hangman”, etc. and the children answered online quiz questions to memorize the positions. They also learned to type capital letters and the meaning of all the other keys. In between the training days, the students practiced on our online training platform and received learning apps as homework: a crossword, memory games, horse race, sorting exercise, etc. 

After exactly one month, the students took their exams online. With an average of 95.8% we can definitely speak of a successful edition! The students are currently practicing online for another year with the aim of increasing their pace.

“Thanks for the very nice typing lessons! F. thought it was really fun and thought you were a very sweet teacher. We, as parents, are amazed at how fast it went, how well everything went and how he has already mastered touch typing. It was a successful corona activity and the results are impressive. :-)”


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