IB student Bob graduates

“Bob …

I sometimes wonder if you remember when and how we started our Dutch lessons? Those first lessons remain fresh in my mind. In any case, the entire process you have gone through is a process to frame, to think about, but above all, to be proud of.

Every lesson during our four years together, we have had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Every now and then we challenged each other, which often led to hilarious situations.

At some point during our process together you just made the click and started asking me yourself to be allowed to read books, to write things and it just didn’t stop.

I most looked forward to your texts on your blog, and every now and then you just blew me away with your own made-up assignment.

In the lead-up to your Mock exams, you asked for extra training ahead of time with those exams in mind. And the process was repeated for your final IB exams. You always wanted to raise the bar a little higher.

The lessons have reflected your growth, you started to actively guide the lessons and take initiative. In the end, the Dutch lessons hardly felt like lessons anymore, because you started to translate the usefulness (of Dutch) into your daily life.

This was one of the best gifts a teacher can get.

Bob, our contact moments will always stay with me in my memory, and I will never forget your graduation photo, as the icing on the cake.

Thank you for being a part of that phenomenal growth and thank you to your parents for giving us that confidence all these years.

Now spread those wings and fly… ”

Miss Kim, June 2020


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