IB: School Supported Self-Taught Program

For whom?

We offer students the opportunity to strengthen their mother tongue, even in the absence of a suitable teacher at school. Students can choose the program Language A: Literature SSST, Standard level.


All students receive intense and personal guidance of an experienced teacher. Every teacher is a native speaker in the language they teach. Student & teacher meet each other in the virtual class and have live contact. The student will be challenged to attain a high language level, analyze literature and make in-depth assignments. Together with the teacher, the student practises the necessary skills, to prepare for the IB-exams.
In the SSST-program, we provide the pupils with two to three classes per week. After consulting the parents and school, we can opt for personal contact with the teacher in every class. Sometimes we choose 1.5 hours of personal contact, combined with 1.5 hours of independent work that is prepared and corrected by our teacher. During these classes we’ll also work on a personal project.


D-Teach’s program is extremely flexible. We like to adapt to the needs of the student. One student has more foreknowledge than the other, but the interests of our young cosmopolitans vary greatly. On top of that, it’s possible to take preparation classes (which fit in the MYP- or pre-IB-program) or even a sped-up program.

A teacher’s experience

“Each and every IB-experience is unique, just like each one of our students is. And it’s exactly that, the personal touch, which leads us on a journey with the student. We evaluate the base knowledge and analyze what we can achieve, all tailormade and at a student’s pace.
Prioritizing the pupil runs like a thread through D-teach’s mission. We combine personal skills with goals that we must achieve for the IB-program. We also emphasize Flemish culture and some literature in the program. Allowing pupils to taste and long for more Dutch is our final goal and motivation… walking the D-Teach path, following the IB-goals, it’s really an educational adventure.”
(Kim, Dutch teacher, Belgium)

“Throughout the year, I helped and taught Yoline and I have seen such amazing progress, especially when it comes to critical thinking. By using news, knowledge and her interests in an engaging way, I can proudly say that Yoline passed the test with flying colours.”
(Merlijn, Dutch teacher, Belgium)


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