Smooth transition to Belgian school

As a bridge organization between Belgium and Belgians in the world, we offer many different courses in our online classes. Our teachers are experts in their given fields, and have received training from D-Teach to become an online teacher. We have teachers of Dutch, French, English, sciences, mathematics, ICT, … in our team.

Our colleague Lisa gives online Latin lessons. Her student will be enrolled in a school in Brussels in the field of Latin Sciences next year. However, the student is lagging behind for the subject Latin (due to the fact that she is not offered this in her current international school), and has to catch up on the material of 3 school years in a few months. She is doing very well!

In addition to the subject content, extra attention is being paid during these lessons to correct study methods. We got a nice response from her dad:

Thanks for this feedback and the good tips!
These lessons and tips will be very useful to E. Not only because of the material offered but also because of the way of working and studying that is encouraged. After all, it is completely different here and she will therefore also have to learn to “learn in the Belgian way”. (e.g. writing and not doing everything on a laptop). E. will certainly cooperate because she wants to prepare seriously for her return to Belgium.

We are so proud of our student and the various colleagues involved, because the goal they have in mind is quite challenging! With the great effort of our student and her personal guidance from Lisa, we are achieving great results.


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