Interview Flanders today: “Flemish education, anywhere in the world”

Een tijdje geleden werd Lieselot, oprichter en algemeen coördinator van D-Teach geïnterviewd door Flanders Today.

“Thousands of Flemish people go abroad to work every year, many taking their families with them. This can be an adventure for the kids, but also a challenge when they return and rejoin the Flemish school system.

D-Teach, a start-up company from Ghent, is here to help. “When children go abroad they adapt very easily,” says Lieselot Declercq, who set up the company in 2012. “In the first year, they still speak their language, but after a while they stop – and that’s good; they are very flexible. But if they have lessons regularly in Dutch, and stay in touch with the language, reintegration goes much more smoothly.”

D-Teach works with 35 accredited freelance teachers to provide their services over the internet at pre-, primary and secondary school levels. So far 330 children have followed its lessons, from the UK and Eastern Europe to as far away as the United States, Australia and China.”

Lees meer over onze start in 2012, ons uitgebreide aanbod en onze aanpak. Lees het artikel op de website van Flanders Today (Engelstalig).


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