D-Teach presents at UNESCO-conference India

A lot of attention for scientific substantiation

D-Teach is regularly invited to scientific conferences to present the achieved research results, such as the UNESCO conference MGIEP Tech India. D-Teach works closely with professor Sarah Prestridge from Griffith University and Glen Watt from the online IMPACT center in Australia. Online learning, as has been scientifically proven, helps students better prepare for a lifelong learning trajectory. As a result, we are very happy to participate in research and innovation projects, together with Flemish and international companies, education and research partners.

“My colleagues and I presented a session at MGIEP on the relationship between distance education underpinned by a humanistic approach that supports the development of self-regulated learning (SRL). SRL skills are required when students learn online. The better a student can regulate their learning the better they learn online. With an increase in online courses across Higher Education, there is a greater need to build these skills in students at the Primary and Secondary school levels. How? Through the courses provided by Glen and the IMPACT team (Australia) and Lieselot and the D-Teach team (Belgium) using real-time synchronous teaching as the main teaching and learning approach. Both teams adopt a humanistic paradigm through the use of participatory pedagogies to ensure that learning is an active and collaborative process where children contribute to the knowledge exchange and are in charge of their learning. Teaching children to self-regulate their learning is a key component of the design and delivery of online course work.” – Professor dr. Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University – Australia

Read more on the website of Professor Dr. Sarah Prestridge of Griffith University in Australia.

Zie foto: vlnr: Lieselot D-Teach Belgium, Glen Watt Impact Australia, prof. Sarah Prestridge Griffith University


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