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Are you 18-25 years old and living in/from Europe?
Are you ready to invest in your personal development to make a difference?
Are you prepared to step up as a leader?
Are you excited to learn from impactful leaders in Europe and their inspiring stories?
Are you eager to connect with a vibrant community of young leaders from diverse backgrounds across Europe?
Do you want to boost your professional profile with a certificate?

Apply for the free online leadership programme, Europe101!

1 July - 31 July 2024


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In 2045, it will be 100 years since Europe had to rebuild itself from the rubble of World War II.
When we reach this milestone, you will be the leaders of Europe.
Leaders of households, communities, offices, organisations and countries.

What is Europe 101?

Europe101 is a free online leadership programme for young people aged 18-25 from across the continent. Founded by Julia Middleton and Gordon Bajnai in 2021 to connect and support the young leaders of this generation. Europe 101 has now partnered with
d-teach online school
, enhancing the program’s interactivity, engagement, and accessibility for young participants.

Europe101 will equip you with the networks and skills so you can become agents for change. Together with other young leaders from across Europe, you’ll explore a new model of Leadership – the Liquid Leadership Model.

As you explore the key concepts and reflect on your own experiences, strengths, challenges and context, you’ll develop your own leadership potential.

Prepare to connect, be informed, and most importantly, forge real change.

Liquids fill any shape & turn to vapour or ice.
They seep into every corner.
They collect, converge, combine.
They go fast or they go slow, they keep moving.
They flow, adapt, evolve.
Ours is a liquid Leaderschip,
flowing between us as a generation.

Julia Middleton


Join a dynamic online cohort of up to 300 young leaders from across Europe over 4 weeks.
As a Europe101 participant, you will…

Interactive learning

...dive into one learning module per week at your own pace on our Europe101 platform – approximately 2 hours per week. Engage in 3 live webinars, panels and Q&A sessions with leading specialists and our 50+ Patrons across Europe.

Gain fresh insights

...explore new dimensions of leadership based on our innovative Liquid Leadership Model, and earn a certificate.

Expand your network

...connect with a vibrant community of young leaders from diverse backgrounds across Europe, and unlock access to our ever-expanding alumni network.

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established leaders committed to supporting the next generation and legacy of Europe who join workshops and share their insights and experience with Europe101 young leaders.

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whether in education, full time employment, training, volunteering or transition, Europe101 is an accessible opportunity for young leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

« I am genuinely excited to be a Patron of the Europe101 initiative, which is both timely and badly needed.
Now is the moment to mobilise Europe’s youth in service of the European ideal.
The approach leveraging online learning is both refreshing and impactful.
Europe101 will be a powerful platform for generating the energies of a challenged and talented generation. »

Pierre Gurdjian
President of Board of Directors, Université Libre de Bruxelles

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