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D-teach online school started as an initiative of founders Lieselot Declercq and Annabel Declercq as student-entrepreneurs in pedagogical sciences at Ghent University in 2012. Distance teaching is what d-teach stands for. Our online school has grown into an international not-for-profit organisation in  2020,  with co-founder Koen Verlaeckt on board. We are the first online school in Belgium and provide distance learning to an international audience worldwide.

d-teach online school asbl is recognised by Royal Decree WL 22/17.308 of 13 November 2020 and is registered under the company number BE 0758.861.682. The articles of association were published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 1 December 2020. Registered office: Kantersteen 12, 1000 Brussels. Branch office: Franklin Rooseveltlaan 349/D, 9000 Ghent.

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Mission & vision

Our mission is to enable personalised education anywhere in the world, in line with the sustainable development goals and Article 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. As a virtual school and bridge organisation, we want to facilitate internationalisation, transitions and reintegration through flexible customised education.

The vision of d-teach is to enable personalised quality distance learning worldwide through online teaching and learning. The learner is our focus and human connection is key. The online school wants to prepare learners for the world of tomorrow. We do not only give them learning material, but we teach them how to learn for life in this changing world. Fully in line with the ‘21th Century Skills‘, we do not only focus on knowledge of the subject matter, but also on knowledge of oneself and the world. We teach our learners to plan, to engage, to think critically, to embrace new technologies, to be entrepreneurial and to be self-confident in life. Online learning, it has been scientifically proven, helps prepare students for lifelong learning.