Pedagogical framework

The d-teach quality framework is a unique pedagogical framework for online teaching and learning. The d-teach framework is scientifically underpinned by learning theories and based on qualitative data from interviews with online teachers. We worked on this with VLAIO and Griffith University in Australia. We were invited to international conferences such as Online Educa Berlin, SETT Ghent, UNESCO conference Mgiep Tech in India and Edmedia in Amsterdam.

Quality distance learning has a clear pedagogical vision of the world and of learning. From this follows an instructional design that is well thought out in advance, interactive, efficient and structured specifically for online learning. As a future-proof organisation, it is important to provide the necessary building blocks for continuous transformation in this changing world.

Roles-online-teacher-doctorate-research d-teach online learning


Maaike Grammens, advisor professionalisation at d-teach and PhD-student, is doing research via a Baekeland-mandate into how you can teach online in a qualitative way. The aim is to further support teachers in their professional development. This research is part of a doctoral programme that was commissioned by d-teach in collaboration with the Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bram De Wever, and also supported by VLAIO, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterprise. We publish these insights in international academic journals. In cooperation with our training and expertise centre ‘d-teach online training’, each team member receives a unique training for ‘online teaching’ and we provide for the continuous professionalisation of our team.

Quality labels

Epas ambassador d-teach online school quality label

European Parliament Ambassador school

Esafty d-teach online school quality label

eSafety Label

Digital skills and jobs coalition d-teach kwaliteitslabel

Digital Skills en Jobs Coalition label

Cnavt-taalunie-quality label-NT2-d-teach-online-school

Dutch as a Foreign Language Certificate

We are certified as an ‘expert’ EPAS (European Parliament Ambassador School). Our participating youngsters receive a certificate of participation, which is a nice addendum to the diploma.

Surfing and being in an online community, that has to be safe! The d-teach online school also wants to contribute to increasing the internet safety of children and has been awarded the eSafety Label.

We were awarded the DSJC label for our initiatives by the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. This is a digital skills and jobs coalition that brings together member states, businesses, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers.

CNaVT stands for Certificate for Dutch as a Foreign Language. The certificate is accepted by colleges and universities as proof of sufficient language proficiency in Dutch.

Flemish people in the world satisfaction survey d-teach online school

Satisfaction survey

Vlamingen in de wereld (VIW) conducted a large-scale study on Dutch language and Flemish cultural elements in mother tongue education abroad in 2019. In the study, we read that Flemish parents consider it important that Flemish cultural elements and examples are dealt with in their child(ren)’s Dutch lessons. They consider it important as an essential part of their child’s identity, but also think it is important for a future re-entry into (higher) education. Further on in the article, there is a special mention of d-teach: parents are relatively satisfied when they have their child follow mother tongue education, whereby provider d-teach scores best in terms of satisfaction.

Scientific research

We conduct our own scientific research into online teaching to ensure our quality. It has been scientifically proven that online learning helps prepare students better for lifelong learning. That is why we like to get involved in research and innovation projects, together with Flemish and international companies, education and research partners.