The importance of learning Dutch

Florence Rosin-Van Loon is the proud mother of four third-culture kids. She talks about the importance of learning Dutch (as in the language spoken in the northern part of Belgium) and of the added value of our online lessons.

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Testimonial d-teach online lessons during worldwide travel

Online lessons during world travels

Evelyn and Thomas discover the world with three young children. D-teach travels along with fine lessons in line with the curriculum of the school at home. This way, parents can remain parents and the children do not miss out on any knowledge.

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Testimonial d-teach bridge to Belgium for expats

Bridge to Belgium for expats

Hubert Roisin, ambassador of Belgium in Dakar, lives with his wife Florence and his four children in Senegal. Because of his diplomatic job for FPS Foreign Affairs, they have to change their post regularly. They choose d-teach to follow Dutch lessons and to keep in touch with Belgian culture.

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Testimonial d-teach online classes anywhere in Europe

Online lessons all over the world

Isabelle and Geert chose to travel through Europe with their children. They went through France, Spain and Portugal. Thanks to the online flexibility, d-teach just went with them everywhere. That way, education for their children was accessible everywhere. They testify: “Not all classrooms have 4 walls” – Isabelle and Geert, parents d-teach

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Testimonial excellent online lessons d-teach

Smooth transition from American to Flemish education

After 3 years in Texas, back to education in Flanders. “Without d-teach and the super good lessons, things would have been completely different because without extra lessons, the step from American to Flemish education would have been much too big for our children.” Wim and Sandra, parents d-teach

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Testimonial d-teach expat Peru to Flemish education

From Peru back into Flemish education

“In general, things are going very well for us. After Peru, we quickly found our way back to Belgium. The children also switched back to Flemish education very quickly, thanks to you of course:-). They still have very fond memories of the online lessons that really helped them a lot!

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Testimonial d-teach worldwide online lessons

Online lessons anywhere in the world

Katya Schodts testifies. Together with her husband Jurgen Maerschand, Flemish Economic Representative, and their two teenage sons, she currently lives in Vienna. “For us, d-teach is their umbilical cord to Flanders, to Flemish culture, to the Flemish accent with which they speak. Our boys saw it as their teddy bear that they took with them from location to location.” Katya, mum of Casper and Jack

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Testimonial d-teach online preparation international school

Online preparation for international school

Liesje and Mathieu are moving to Barcelona and preparing their children for an international school. “The girls tried an online English lesson with teacher Tawny from d-teach last week. How fun was that!” Liesje, parent d-teach

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Testimonial d-teach online distance learning from India

Online Dutch lessons in India

Els Reynaers-Kini, works in metropolis Mumbai: “The children are enthusiastic about this formula. Via a kind of video conference, they follow lessons in a virtual classroom. It is very pleasant and stimulating. The teachers are really good.” Els, parent d-teach

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Testimonial expat China to Flemish education

From China to Belgium, fast (re)integration into Flemish education

Joris worked in China for 11 years and decided to return to Belgium with his family. “The handy thing about d-teach is that they really know the Belgian system from their own experience and work with people who are in the system themselves. That ensures that the ‘content’ is correct and in line with what needs to be learned at school. What could be better, no idea, we are really satisfied with the lessons. We really recommend it.” Joris, d-teach parent

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