Keeping in touch with Dutch

Keeping in touch with Dutch from abroad is possible with d-teach online school. Our classes are always 100% online, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we use personalised online lessons tailor-made to brush up on your Dutch where necessary, so that the mastery of the Dutch language is maintained.

“The world is our home.” – Jana & Luna, d-teach students

Sisters Jana (16) and Luna (14) were born in Belgium and followed their parents to Germany and the Czech Republic for professional reasons. Abroad, they attended international schools where English was the standard language. Through online lessons, they brushed up on their Dutch so that their reintegration into the Flemish education system was made easier.

Testimonial d-teach expat Czech Republic to Flemish education

Luna: "When we speak to each other, we do it in English. It happens automatically. We switch between Dutch and English very easily."

Jana: "We always spoke Dutch with our parents and we were taught Dutch, first at school and then via distance learning at the Flemish D-Teach. That made it a little easier when we came back to Belgium last year.

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