Back to school!

Jonas (17) and Emma (16) have been living in Bangkok, Thailand, since the summer of 2019. They have been living in Asia their entire lives (first Shanghai, then Singapore, Beijing, and now Bangkok), following their father, who works as Flemish Economic Representative.

Jonas and Emma speak English amongst each other and at school, Chinese with their mother and Dutch with their father. Since they were young, they have also been taking Dutch lessons. In Beijing, these lessons were offered by a local school. When they moved to Bangkok, they switched to d-teach. They are now having online Dutch lessons once a week.

Dutch has always been important to the family, not only because it’s their “father’s language” and because it makes communication with family in Belgium easier but with the intention of pursuing a higher education in Flanders. With d-teach, they can prepare well for the Dutch language test required for students with foreign diplomas. It also helps with a better understanding of the cultural aspects, which facilitates their adjustment to life in Belgium.

After a refreshing vacation, Emma and Jonas are ready to resume their Dutch lessons with d-teach. Their teachers are already looking forward to welcoming them back to the online class and hearing about their summer vacation!

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