Online lessons during world travels

D-teach online school offers education all over the world, including online lessons during world travels. We enjoy discovering the wide world together with our students and travel with them virtually.

“What’s so good about d-teach is the extremely fast response in communication. That is just essential for someone like me who is really spoiled as an expat. If you then also live in China where everything is available 24/24 – 7/7, so to speak, that is an expectation that was well met.

We also consciously integrate world citizenship (individuality, environment, culture) into our online lessons. Evelyn, Thomas and their children testify about their experience with d-teach during their travels.

Testimonial d-teach online lessons during worldwide travel

“During the ‘big holiday’ we switched to English lessons. By travelling and seeing that this is a useful thing, their motivation is high and they get on with it in a playful way. The regular contact with their online teacher is also a welcome mental change and challenge in a strongly family-oriented period. The one-to-one lessons really give them what they need to keep up with the school curriculum in a short space of time (concretely: 2 hours a week). These lessons really make it possible for us to discover the world with our young children!”

Evelyn, Thomas, Arno (7), Daan (5) and Anouk (3).

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