Bridge to Belgium for expats

D-teach online school offers online classes anywhere in the world and is therefore a bridge to Belgium for expats. Hubert Roisin, Ambassador of Belgium in Dakar, lives with his wife Florence and his 4 children in Senegal. Because of his diplomatic job at the FPS Foreign Affairs, they regularly have to change their post and travel around the world. The Roisin family choose d-teach to take Dutch lessons and feel the Belgian culture. D-teach is happy to act as a bridge to Belgium for expats and is committed to good quality online classes worldwide. The Roisin family testifies about their experience with d-teach:

Testimonial d-teach bridge to Belgium for expats

"D-teach is the perfect combination of following Dutch lessons at a distance AND staying in touch with our Belgian culture.  They create a close bond with their teacher and the content of the interactions is always adapted to their interests.  This way we bring them into contact with Dutch in a playful way.  In addition, they also provide a bridge to Belgium. On returning to Belgium, our eldest had no problem at all with the Dutch lessons at university!".

Florence Roisin, d-teach parent

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