Online lessons all over the world

Online lessons anywhere in the world, that’s what d-teach online school stands for. Since all lessons are 100% online, we often travel with our students digitally. Taking into account the uniqueness, environment and culture of our students, we make every lesson a fun learning moment. In addition, d-teach also organises world classes for world citizens who would like to be in contact with tourist peers.

“Not all classrooms have 4 walls” – Isabelle en Geert, parents d-teach.

Isabelle and Geert chose to travel through Europe with their children. They went through France, Spain and Portugal. Thanks to its online flexibility, d-teach went everywhere with them. That way, education for their children was accessible everywhere. They testify:

Testimonial d-teach online classes anywhere in Europe

"They chose to follow online lessons via d-teach. Every week, I met the sisters Jade and Ruby for a few hours of d-teach lessons. This for the subjects French, Dutch and Maths. It was a very smooth and pleasant cooperation. The sisters were very grateful, I often received a big THANK YOU in the chat box. As a teacher it was very nice to follow this journey of the family. As a teacher it was very nice to follow this journey of the family, I exactly travelled along from location to location 😉 ."

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