The importance of learning Dutch

Florence Rosin-Van Loon is the proud mother of four third-culture kids. She talks about the importance of learning Dutch (as in the language spoken in the northern part of Belgium) and of the added value of our online lessons.

"I am Florence Roisin-Van Loon, a multi-expatriate mother and professional and mother of 4 third culture kids (TCK), children that have lived and studied most of their developmental years abroad, typically changing schools every four years.

d-teach crossed my road in 2015: a gift for me ! I was looking for an opportunity to offer Dutch lessons to my kids while being abroad. Learning Dutch was really important for me, but I also wanted them to learn Dutch (Flemish), not really Dutch from the Netherlands.

What I truly appreciated in their offer were the high quality standards, while the learning environment was extremely pleasant and joyful. My four children enjoyed going to the online course. D-teach not only offered Dutch language lessons, but also brought Belgian culture in an attractive way. During the past eight years they bridged the gap with the Dutch-speaking world and helped our children to create roots with the Dutch language. Dutch is not the mother tongue of my kids, but d-teach offers the possibility to learn and like the Dutch language in such an inspiring way. The d-teach team has always been available to listen to my needs, to my doubts. They allowed me to co-create with them the best solution for each of my children.
I recommend d-teach every time I meet Belgian expatriates abroad as a great company and as a gift that we can offer to our kids to stay tuned with our Belgian roots. ”.

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