Language tests

When considering to move or to return to Belgium after a longer period abroad, you will find that in a number of cases the knowledge of the Dutch language is mandatory, e.g. when you want to enroll your child in the Flemish school system. 

Specific language tests have been developed to assess listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Our school stands ready to prepare you for a successful participation in these tests. 

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) describes the level at which someone masters a foreign language:

  • Socially Informal (INFO) – A2: for those who want to function in informal, everyday situations.
  • Social Formal (FORM) – B1: for those who want to function independently in more formal contexts in Dutch or Flemish society.
  • Business Professional (PROF) – B2: for those who want to function in the workplace, especially in the healthcare sector or in an administrative profession.
  • Educational Start Competent (STRT) – B2: for those who want to start studying at a Flemish or Dutch university or other higher education institute.
  • Educational Professional (EDUP) – C1: for those who want to function in education or in a business environment and therefore need an advanced knowledge of Dutch.

Offering proof that your child has successfully completed the examinations of at least one year of secondary or higher education in Dutch, will give you an exemption from the language test.

The two most common language tests used in Flanders are ITNA and CnaVT.

Interuniversity Language Test Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages (ITNA):

  • The global level being tested is B2. The C1 test cannot be taken separately. Only participants who have passed B2 may participate in the C1 test.
  • The test contents are different on different test dates and in different language test centers. It is not possible to take the test abroad.
  • You may participate a maximum of four times within a twelve-month period. In case of a renewed attempt, you must respect an interval of at least two weeks between participations.
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Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT):

  • Levels tested are from A2 to C1 and this from 16 years of age.
  • The CNaVT exams cannot yet be taken online. The exams can only be taken locally at one of the partner organizations (in 40 countries).
  • This major exam takes place annually in the period from May 1 to May 15. You can register from February 15 to March 15.
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d-teach is a recognized CNaVT exam center and can prepare your child in an optimal way for both the CNaVT and ITNA language tests. For more information contact us at