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online lessons anywhere in the world. The school works 100% online, so there are no physical borders.Together with our students, we often travel around the world, paying extra attention to the uniqueness, environment and culture of our students during the lessons. We also run online group classes where our students can meet virtually and connect globally.

“Lieselot and her team have built a wonderful organisation that follows the most recent developments closely.”


In contrast to their parents, children do not choose to move internationally. However, they do form an essential link. They also deserve that personal approach. There is a lot to arrange and of all the decisions parents have to make, educational choices are often the hardest on the stomach. The importance of mother tongue education plays a major role in this. Katya Schodts testifies. Together with her husband Jurgen Maerschand, Flemish Economic Representative, and their two teenage sons, she currently lives in Vienna. Her vision and choices are inspiring.

Testimonial d-teach worldwide online lessons

"For Flanders Investment & Trade, we move house every few years and our children Jack and Casper always end up in new surroundings. To keep the link with Flanders and to further develop the Dutch language, we chose the online lessons of D-Teach 8 years ago. The dedication of the teachers, the flexibility of the organisation and the tailor-made approach are inspiring."

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