From Peru back into Flemish education

D-teach online school helps expat children to reintegrate into Belgian education. By means of tailor-made online lessons, we help them improve their knowledge and language, so that a (re)integration in the Flemish or Walloon education system is made easier.

“They still have very fond memories of those online lessons that really helped them a lot!”

Joris quit his job and went to Peru with his family for a couple of years for the social enterprise Solid. They arrived in Peru during the summer holidays and the children learned Spanish from a local teacher so that they could easily enter the local education system. During their stay abroad, the children followed online Dutch lessons so that the return to a school in Flanders could go smoothly.

Testimonial_Peru_d-teach online school

"In general, things are going very well for us. After Peru, we quickly found our way back to Belgium. The children also switched back to Flemish education very quickly, thanks to you of course :-)."

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