From China to Belgium, fast (re)integration into Flemish education

D-teach online school offers online lessons to prepare Belgians abroad to quickly (re)enter the Belgian education system. D-teach online school helps the children not only with the language, but also with the typical contents of the Flemish and/or Walloon curriculum.

“What is so good about d-teach is the extremely fast response in communication. That is just essential for someone like me who is really spoiled as an expat. If you then also live in China where everything is available 24/24 – 7/7, so to speak, that is an expectation that was well and truly met.”

Joris has been living in China for 11 years. He met his wife there and married her. Both his children Isabella (°2008 in Shenzhen) and William (°2010 in Honkong) were also born in China. Last year, he and his wife decided to move to Belgium. However, the home language was Chinese and English, so the children did not speak Dutch.

“The convenient thing about d-teach is that they really know the Belgian system from their own experience. They also work with people who are in the system themselves. That ensures that the ‘content’ is correct and in line with what needs to be learned at school. The lessons are also tailor-made. Through a good conversation and some tests, expectations are converted into a personalised programme. Simple and efficient! “

Joris and his wife quickly decided to stop sending the children to an international school and to integrate them into the Belgian system. They did not have enough time to give the children intensive Dutch lessons and asked d-teach to support them in this.

d-teach online school (re)integration in flemish education

"The online teacher succeeds, without physical contact, in drawing Isabella into the subject matter and making her grow in a very positive way. After the lesson there is a short report: always a short, honest and clear representation of what was seen during the lesson. They also give us the opportunity to practice further, which we did regularly. We can really recommend them!

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