‘Moving-Diary’ Belgium-Barcelona

Parents Liesje and Mathieu will soon be moving to Barcelona with their three children. A leap of faith, which they are very much looking forward to. Mama Liesje keeps a blog where you can follow their adventures closely (Dutch). 

“In February, we received a proposal to move to Barcelona. We really liked the idea and made the important decision to drag our children along in this adventure. ” (From Lochristi to Barcelona, a monthly moving-diary, Liesje Desutter, June 2020)

Their two daughters will start in a British international school. To prepare them as much as possible, they are currently being given introductory English lessons. In the British system, daughter L.’s peers can already read, write and count up to 20. We pay extra attention to this during our lessons. The incredible motivation of this family and their lovely children makes the cooperation especially pleasant!


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