Meet Joke

In this flash interview you get a better glimpse of Joke Hollants. Within our school she is in charge of IT and digital professionalization.

Joke, can you briefly introduce yourself ?
#IamalivingJoke #Ilovebuttons #Googleismybestfriend

What did you study ?
Biomedical Sciences, PhD in Biotechnology, Journalism and Teacher Training. But I still have quite a list for the next life

How did you get involved with d-teach ?
Short version: I met Lieselot, the founder of d-teach online school, via the secretary of Park Office, a shared office in Ghent (Belgium). I was looking for an internship for my teacher training that I could combine with my then full-time job as an e-learning developer. Lieselot gave me the opportunity to do my internship at d-teach online school. Later we joined forces in d-teach online training. This is the training, advice and development component of d-teach through which we guide companies and organisations with the digital transformation from offline to online and blended learning.

How long have you been working with our school ?
Almost 7 years.

Could you describe your role in the school ?
I assist the school via d-teach online training with technical-didactical advice both towards the functioning of the school and the professionalisation of the teachers.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job ?
Helping teachers with advice and useful tips and trick.