The First-Ever EdTech Seminar during an Economic Mission: Bridging Human Skills and Technology

d-teach online school and d-teach online training recently had the privilege of organizing an extraordinary EdTech/LearnTech seminar during the Belgian Economic Mission in Senegal. This groundbreaking event, held as part of the esteemed eLearning Africa conference, focused on the crucial intersection of human skills and technology in education. The seminar brought together distinguished speakers, including colleagues from d-teach and prominent figures in the industry, who shared their insights and expertise. This blog post takes a closer look at this remarkable seminar and expresses gratitude to all those who contributed to its success.

The EdTech/LearnTech Seminar marked a significant milestone for d-teach, as it was the first of its kind organized during a Belgian Economic Mission. It demonstrated d-teach’s commitment to innovation and its drive to promote the integration of technology in education. The event provided a platform for fruitful discussions on the evolving landscape of e-learning and the importance of nurturing human skills alongside technological advancements.

Insights from Colleagues: d-teach’s Scarlet Coopman and Maaike Grammens, along with the support of Joke Hollants, shared their valuable insights during the seminar and the eLearning Africa conference, which took place at the same time. Their expertise and experience in the field of e-learning enriched the discussions and added depth to the exploration of educational technology. Their contributions exemplified the spirit of collaboration and teamwork that drives d-teach forward.

The seminar was honored to have State Secretary Pascal Smet as it’s special guest. His presence highlighted the commitment of the government to advancing digital education. Additionally, Maia Santens from Agoria, Marnick Vanlee from Close the Gap, Bénédicte Bazyn from Enabel, Dirk Verbeke and Joris Vanholme from Televic Education, Annelies Volckaert from edtechstation, and Tom Wambeke from ITCILO contributed their expertise and perspectives, enriching the discussions and fostering collaboration. Koen Verlaeckt, from d-teach online school, moderated the seminar.

d-teach extends heartfelt thanks to HRH Princess Astrid, Representative of His Majesty the King, Belgian Ministers, HE Hubert Roisin, Ambassador of Belgium to Senegal, the official delegation, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency (BFTA), The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), and Their collaboration and encouragement played a pivotal role in making the seminar a resounding success.

This seminar served as a steppingstone in building a collaborative ecosystem for digital education and fostering meaningful connections in the ever-evolving world of EdTech.