Learn Dutch online for Ukrainians

Online series of lessons to teach all Ukrainian refugees the basics of Dutch immediately after their arrival in our country for a smooth internationalisation and integration.

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IB online language lessons

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Testimonial excellent online lessons d-teach

Smooth transition from American to Flemish education

After 3 years in Texas, back to education in Flanders. “Without d-teach and the super good lessons, things would have been completely different because without extra lessons, the step from American to Flemish education would have been much too big for our children.” Wim and Sandra, parents d-teach

Testimonial d-teach expat Peru to Flemish education

From Peru back into Flemish education

“In general, things are going very well for us. After Peru, we quickly found our way back to Belgium. The children also switched back to Flemish education very quickly, thanks to you of course:-). They still have very fond memories of the online lessons that really helped them a lot!