Scarlet Coopman

Testimonial d-teach expat Czech Republic to Flemish education

Keeping in touch with Dutch

Sisters Jana and Luna followed their parents abroad. After years of adventures abroad, they are back in Belgium. “The world is their home.”

Testimonial d-teach online lessons during worldwide travel

Online lessons during world travels

Evelyn and Thomas discover the world with three young children. D-teach travels along with fine lessons in line with the curriculum of the school at home. This way, parents can remain parents and the children do not miss out on any knowledge.

Testimonial d-teach bridge to Belgium for expats

Bridge to Belgium for expats

Hubert Roisin, ambassador of Belgium in Dakar, lives with his wife Florence and his four children in Senegal. Because of his diplomatic job for FPS Foreign Affairs, they have to change their post regularly. They choose d-teach to follow Dutch lessons and to keep in touch with Belgian culture.

Testimonial d-teach online distance learning from India

Online Dutch lessons in India

Els Reynaers-Kini, works in metropolis Mumbai: “The children are enthusiastic about this formula. Via a kind of video conference, they follow lessons in a virtual classroom. It is very pleasant and stimulating. The teachers are really good.” Els, parent d-teach