“How a Flemish girl gives America hope”

How proud we are of our D-Teach student Emma! Her mom’s Hollywood studio became the target of looters after a peaceful protest in L.A. Through a creative protest action, Emma also wants to contribute to equality and justice for all. 

The shop windows of the studio of the Flemish Katrien Van der Schueren in Hollywood were destroyed by looters on Saturday evening. However, from the rubble, her daughter Emma (16) has raised a creative protest, which, through the massive attention of the American and international press, has become a symbol of the voice of young people during the protests in the US.

“‘Stop hating, not protesting.’ ‘I know you’re angry and I am too. But we must solve this with love and hope, not with looting or violence.’ ‘You do count.’” (De Standaard, T. Huyghebaert, June 4, 2020)


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