Karrewiet is watching: exceptional “real life” D-Teach lesson

“In China, Lewis, Eliza and Arno receive Dutch lessons from teacher Sofie, from D-teach. D-Teach is an organization that allows children abroad to follow Dutch lessons via the webcam. Now that they are back in Belgium, Miss Sofie can simply start teaching at their home. ” (Karrewiet)

Although our lessons mainly take place online, a live meeting is always a great experience! If possible, we are happy to make time for a real meeting. Statements such as “Hey, you are much bigger than I thought” or a big heartfelt hug strengthen the bond between teacher and student.

The Christmas period is one of the periods in which such encounters can take place (such as Jules, Noah, Astrid who met their teachers in a previous blog). Currently, due to the coronavirus many D-Teach students are staying in Belgium temporarily, this also offers an opportunity for personal meetings.

Karrewiet watched during a “live lesson” from teacher Sofie:


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