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Online world classes: NEW

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Testimonial d-teach online classes anywhere in Europe

Online lessons all over the world

Isabelle and Geert chose to travel through Europe with their children. They went through France, Spain and Portugal. Thanks to the online flexibility, d-teach just went with them everywhere. That way, education for their children was accessible everywhere. They testify: “Not all classrooms have 4 walls” – Isabelle and Geert, parents d-teach

Testimonial d-teach worldwide online lessons

Online lessons anywhere in the world

Katya Schodts testifies. Together with her husband Jurgen Maerschand, Flemish Economic Representative, and their two teenage sons, she currently lives in Vienna. “For us, d-teach is their umbilical cord to Flanders, to Flemish culture, to the Flemish accent with which they speak. Our boys saw it as their teddy bear that they took with them from location to location.” Katya, mum of Casper and Jack

Testimonial expat China to Flemish education

From China to Belgium, fast (re)integration into Flemish education

Joris worked in China for 11 years and decided to return to Belgium with his family. “The handy thing about d-teach is that they really know the Belgian system from their own experience and work with people who are in the system themselves. That ensures that the ‘content’ is correct and in line with what needs to be learned at school. What could be better, no idea, we are really satisfied with the lessons. We really recommend it.” Joris, d-teach parent